Natural tips for keeping your teeth white

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Over the last 5 years a health craze has hit the market… No, it’s not weight loss! I’m talking about teeth whitening. It seems that the integrity and strength of our teeth has seriously declined over the past few decades. I have my suspicions why this might have happened (high sugar intake, bad water quality) but many factor can influence this. When you have bad dental health chances are that your teeth aren’t as white as they should be.
I went on the hunt for some teeth whitening tips online and found a great article at giving out some natural teeth whitening tips. However it seems the more I research this specific topic the more home remedies and personalized tips I find which means that chances are these tips might not work as good. The article on Dr Axe’s website talks about lowering your sugar intake, brushing your teeth after eating, coconut oil pulling and more.

Although many of these method have shown some level of success for many claiming it online when it comes to my teeth I’d like to consult with a professional that is trained in Dentistry and has the necessary tools to whiten your teeth. In conclusion although some home remedies might work for teeth whitening 9 out 10 times it’s better to let your Dentist handle the process and ensure guaranteed results.
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